8th week

hello again!
my 8th week started on monday morning. puh, I hate getting up early!^^
anyway, school is good and I enjoy being in fox!^^
chrystal is back in school and we are all happy to have her back! she was really sick the last week and couldn't come to school.
On wednesday I went with pam's youth group to the movies in duncan. it was a christian movie named "Fireproof".
It"s a movie about a fireman who saves everyday the livs of people but he has problems with his marriage. It's my favorite movie so far!
Chrystal and me both cried!^^
on thursday was a powder puff game in my school. that means that the girls had to play football!^^
it was really fun, but I really hadn't an idea what I was doing!^^
unfortunately, my team lost.... but only because the coach dushane's team was the other team!!!!!!!
Yesterday Iw as with mum, dad and trey in durant to see travis playing. daurant won 21 to 0!^^
I made a new friend that night: her name is Sidney and she is 5 years old!^^
Today is a lazy day: mum is watching tv(football, what else????^^), dad is snoring in his chair and I try to print photos for next weekend, when mum and I go with pam and Jeren to Falls creek for a scrabook thing. that's gonna be fun!
I wish you all a nice weekend!

4.10.08 13:35

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