9th ans 10th week

hey guys!
sry, but I was busy all two weeks!^^
I was in school and we had a lot of 9weeks exams and I had to studi for them!^^ then trey took our PC with him to Ada and I had no internet @ home!^^ but now everything is fine!^^
what happened to me??
not much during the week; I had school and I had to study for my exams.
but the first weekend I was in Falls Creek Scrapbooking!!!!!
that is so much fun! I worked on my Scrapbook all weekend and was very creative!^^ a scrapbook is simular to a photo album, but it's fancier and with a lot more bling-bling and stuff. it is pretty cool though!^^
and last weekend was fall vacations and my birthday!!!!
I had no shool on Friday and monday. I went down to the lake with mum on wednesday and I drove with coach phelps and the girls to school on thursday morning. I did hardly nothing and had a wonderful time and a wonderful birthday!
I got a lot of presents from my new family, my new friends and my old friends back in Germany!^^
It was really wonderfl!
Have to go now!^^
3 U all!

22.10.08 00:48

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