11th week

Hello everyone!
now my eleventh week s ver and a lot of things happend!^^
on monday, tuesday and wednesday I had school and actually also on thursday!^^ *gg*
buy on thursday I went to mari's house after school and we watched a few movies..acually tow: HSM1 and the longer yard. it was really fun and mari, mind, elmar and me had a good time!^^
on friday I had no school and I slept until 11 am, to a bath and did the laundry!^^ then I went to baylee's house and went trick or treatin with her!^^ It was really fun and I gave most of my candy to the little kids!^^ After that Baylee, her cousin Makeyla, her sister Nona and me went to Pam's house and waited for them coming home from the football game (we won!^^ yeah). I slept @ Pam/s that night.
The next day(Saturday) we had a surprie birthday paty for baylee, who turned 16!^^ After that I went with Try to an OU football game. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I have never seen something big and absolutly awesome before! We had a lot of fun and I want to go yo anothr game!^^
Sunday we went to church and then to eat with coach and his family.
Then I went home and I read and read and read, went to churh, came back and read and read and read...and soon it was 3.15 am!^^ then I had red all of the book and wen to sleep for 4 hours. I was a little bit tired today....^^
That's why I go to bed now. see ya all later! bye!

4.11.08 04:31

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