12th week

Hello again!^^
Hoe r U doin?
I am doin pretty good here in Fox!
On monday and tuesday I had baskettball practice and got really tired!^^ anyway, i am absolutely out of shape!^^ but I try and things are getting better!
On wednesday I was in church for our church revival and that was pretty cool! We had an other priecher there and he was amazing!
Thursday I stayed @ home and Friday I went with Mum and Trey to Durant for Travis' last football game. It was good and we got home around 1 am.
on Saturday we got up early-@ 6.30 am!!!!!!!
We had to prepare everything for Dad's surprise B-Day party!^^ We went to the school Cafeteria and worked there from 7 to 9. Then we went home, because Dad came home that time from work and we went on cleaning up the house. During that we continued preparing for Dad's birthday.
When Dad went back to work with trey, Mum and me went back to the cafeteria.
That night we had a lot of celebrating Dad's 50th B-Day.
After that I went with Garrett and Jeren to the Sonic and then we went home to them and watched a movie.
Sunday I hardly did nothing, we all were extremely tired!^^
We have two new roommates: Keks and Kruemel!^^
Two little kitties that stay outside and watch for mice!^^
that's everything so far...^^
See ya all later!

12.11.08 23:10

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